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iSCSI Training and Education
The iSCSI protocol is new and fairly extensive. Although the
idea of transporting SCSI data over an IP network is not
conceptually difficult, there are many aspects not immediately
obvious from the standard. When we add discovery (with the
iSNS protocol) and encryption (with IPsec), then designing an
iSCSI product becomes a major undertaking.

Fortunately, there are courses available to update you on the
latest technology. A 2-day training course will not teach you
everything, but it can save you 6 to 12 months of development
time, which may make all the difference.

The best course available is the iSCSI In Depth class
presented by KnowledgeTek, the most experienced training
company in the Mass Storage and Networked Storage arena.
KnowledgeTek is also developing a 1-day iSCSI overview
designed for managers and marketing specialists.

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