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The Internet Engineering Task Force is the organization developing the iSCSI standard. The working group for the standard is the IPS, or IP Storage, group. This group is working on the FCIP and iFCP standards as well as iSCSI, so you will see a mixture of files at their site.

Standards (at bottom of their page):

RFC Search Engine:

IPS working group information:

The purpose of the IPS reflector is to provide a forum for the working group. Jumping on the reflector and asking a trivial question is frowned upon, and your posting will probably be ignored. Search the reflector archives for your answer before burdening the working group. Subscribing to the mailing list will add 10 to 30 messages to your mailbox each day.
To subscribe: ips-request@ece.cmu.edu
In body of message: subscribe ips
Archive: http://www.pdl.cmu.edu/mailinglists/ips/mail/maillist.html

UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ:

IEEE Guidelines for EUI-64 Registration:

The University of New Hampshire runs an Interoperability Lab for iSCSI. Member companies gather every six months to test against each other's products. For information on the UNH IOL:

Enterprise Storage Forum
A news and information site oriented toward enterprise storage solutions

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