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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go iSCSI!
(InfoStor - January 2003)
Jacob Farmer shares some insights on whether iSCSI is ready for prime time. He thinks that it is, and has some numbers to prove it. His tests were not running at full speed, but argued that it was good enough for tape.

QLogic Enters iSCSI Race
(InfoStor - January 2003)
QLogic has released a family of iSCSI chips to OEMs for evaluation. These include a TCP/IP offload chip, a iSCSI/TCP/IP offload chip, and an IPSec chip made by Hifn.

Standard completes Working Group "last call."
(IPS Working Group reflector - Aug-2002)
The iSCSI draft, along with the Security draft, have completed the working group "last call" process. There will be one more draft version that will incorporate the comments from the last call process. The next step will be submission to the IETF area director, who will review the spec and submit it to the IAB for a final last call. It is not expected that the draft will change significantly from now until it becomes an RFC a year from now.

Okapi Unlocks iSCSI
(Byte and Switch - July 2002)
Okapi has a clever product that upgrades their disk drive arrays to iSCSI with only a software-carrying key. It won't win any awards for performance, but it is the least expensive iSCSI implementation on the market.

Adaptec Sees iSCSI Delayed
(Byte and Switch - July 2002)
Adaptec essentially observes that their forcasts for iSCSI sales were overly optimistic. This is probably due to the fact that the standard has taken about six months longer to mature than was predicted a year ago.

Processor Manages Heavy Lifting with dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
(Electronic Design - July 2002)
This article looks at the iSNAP 2100 processor from Silverback Systems. The processor includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a PCI-X interface, and hardware acceleration for the TCP/IP and iSCSI stacks. This article is especially interesting because it was the cover story for the July 8th issue of Electronic Design.

IBM pulls 200i iSCSI Storage Device off Market
(IT World - June 2002)
ITWorld reports that IBM has discontinued its 200i Storage Server, which was one of the first iSCSI-compatable devices on the market. Analysts suspect the project was terminated for performance reasons when IBM was unable to achieve acceptable throuput with a software-based TCP/IP stack. IBM says they have no target date for future iSCSI product releases.

Trio demonstrates 'wire-speed' iSCSI SAN
(InfoStor - Jan-2002)
For those who don't believe iSCSI can run at Fibre Channel speeds, take a look at this article. Nishan, Hitachi Data Systems, and Alacritech demonstrated an iSCSI SAN running at 219 Mbytes/sec (full duplex). That is over 90% of the theoretical maximum.

Storage 101: High Availability
(CRN - 1-Feb-2002)
This is the first of a three-part article that covers the concepts of Local Clustering, Data Replication, and Global Clustering. Good introduction to the basics of high availability for storage.

Debunking some Storage Networking Myths
(SNW Online - 11-Feb-2002)
A basics article for those who are still wondering what a SAN is, and are trying to resolve the often-conflicting statements made by "experts."

Best Practices for Storage Environments
(InfoStor - Mar-2001)
A look at the data-management life cycle and how it should be taken into account when deciding between NAS and SAN solutions.

Tape library vendors embrace iSCSI
(InfoStor - Jan-2002)
A short survey of some of the major tape library and tape drive manufacturers as to their plans for iSCSI.

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