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White Papers
White Papers
iSCSI Standards

There are many white papers available for iSCSI, SANs, and NAS. Some are technical, some are technology overviews, and some are marketing vehicles. This page focuses on technically-oriented white papers related to iSCSI. For pointers to more white papers, follow the URLs at the bottom of the page.
iSCSI Technical White Paper
This paper is exactly what it says. If you already understand the basics of SCSI and TCP/IP, and you need a concise (12 page) description of iSCSI, then this is the white paper for you.
iSNS - A Technical Overview
The Internet Storage Name Sever (iSNS) protocol is needed to perform discovery of iSCSI targets and initiators in an IP network. This paper explains the need for discovery services, and how iSNS provides a solution.
iSCSI CRC Considerations Dafna Sheinwald, IBM
Julian Satran, IBM
Pat Thaler, Agilent
Vicente Cavanna, Agilent
Matt Wakeley, Agilent
This Internet draft is slated to become an informational RFC sometime in 2002. It describes the motivation behind the choice of CRC used in iSCSI, compares it to other CRCs and checksums, and provides example Verilog code for both serial and parallel implementations.
The iSCSI CRC32C Digest Luben Tuikov, Splentec Ltd.
Vicente Cavanna, Agilent
This is the definitive algebraic description of the CRC used in iSCSI. Recommended for those with a strong mathematics background.
iSCSI Protocol Concepts
This is an overview of how iSCSI is structured, including naming, network entities, and portals. The details of the protocol is a little dated, but the principles are the same.
Demystifying Storage Networking
Though this paper is not specific to iSCSI, it is such a good introduction to storage networking that we had to include it here. Some of the references to storage architecture are IBM-specific, such as SANergy. A very clear and easy-to-read paper.
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